To Amy Sherman-Palladino

I wasn’t up until 12am Pacific Time to binge watch the release of your much-anticipated masterpiece, A Year In The Life, that I have been hoping would exist since I first watched the series start to finish while huddled over my 11″ TV in a dorm room in the middle of a snow storm.

Why would someone who is a self admitted addict of the Gilmore Girls collection admit to not being set up in full Gilmore flair complete with endless snacks and beverages while being ready to dive in head first and soak up every well quipped sarcastic comment and Gilmore-ism?

Because I have something to say, and I think you might need to hear it.

I was awake at 3am EST. But not for the viewing. I was up to rock my daughter to sleep after her typical early morning bottle. My daughter, whom I have named Loralie, gives honor and plenty of character to the name, I assure you. She would make the reining Lorelai proud.

In the many (many) anticipated months in waiting for November 25th, 2016 I have seen dozens of articles full of allusion and speculation as to what would be in the new series. Some of the articles even went so far as to either defend or bash the very existence of Gilmore Girls.

But I want to thank you. Actually, I want to do more than thank you. I want to let you know exactly what you have given me with your creation of Gilmore Girls.

I was barely a teen when I sat under an enormous 12′ Christmas Tree and unwrapped my last gift of the holiday. Until that moment I had never even heard of anyone named Gilmore. In my hands sat my own Pandora’s box, ready to unleash banter and perspective on my young life.

I slowly collected all 7 seasons separately. Then the box set complete with posters and a book of Gilmore-isms on a random midnight Amazon spree.

I watched them almost constantly. At first it was just background noise. Then it was a guilty pleasure. In the words of Dean and my parents it was asked…”So, it’s a show?” to which the Lorelai’s and I answered, “It’s a lifestyle.”

And a lifestyle it would stay.

When I moved a thousand miles away to college and found myself in a big city much different from the small corner of the world that was the town I grew up in, my head was spinning. It was like a big yellow school bus plowing into me and then backing up over me for a second time for good measure. But I had brought my Gilmore Girls with me. My roommate quickly became used to coming and going to a TV always displaying a portal to Stars Hollow. 24/7, 365 days of the year. Stars Hollow became my only tie to who I was. My home and relationship with my family echoed very similarly to that of the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Having that show became a sanctuary.

I had it when I moved back to my home town.

Then back out-of-town to a college an hour away with my boyfriend.

Then back home when that relationship went up in smoke, as did my reputation and financial situation.

When I moved out of the loud family house and into my own quiet apartment.

Through 4 jobs, a dozen bad relationships, finding “the one”, moving in with him, a wedding, losing my mother-in-law, many a family squabbles, losing our home, moving back in with the family, an incredibly nauseated first trimester of pregnancy, bed rest in my last 3 weeks of pregnancy, 19.5 hours of labor, and the many sleepless nights of having a new born…I had my shows.

My discs are worn and thank goodness for Netflix to save my ever exhausted DVD player.

What I want you to know is…no matter what was happening in my life, good or bad, I always had a place I would escape to. I had a moment to go to for joy and excitement for new growth and new phases of life. Moments for tears and heartbreak. Moments for learning and reflection. All things brilliantly displayed my Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel and my ever favorite (pre-famous) Melissa McCarthy. You and your colleges both of production and cast have created more than a TV series. You created a safe place for me.

No matter what life has thrown at me, or what it will throw at me for the future, I know my current discs, and hopefully my copy of A Year In The Life will get me through it. One episode at a time.

Know that your work means something….and to some people like me, everything.

You matter. Your work matters.

Where you lead, I will follow.

As always,


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