Being A Purple Daisy

About a year ago I had said something on my personal page about striving to be like a purple daisy,

This statement elicited confused shrugs among other clueless comments so I felt this could be my chance to explain.

My first bouquet of flowers from my hubs was a mix of roses, carnations, orchids and daisies. I am not really one for roses because of their hype thus causing a price spike much like the whole “diamonds are a girls best friend” gimmick. Honestly, a clean house or a back rub with no intentions for sexual things mean more to me than a diamond or a rose. Hands down. But that is a rant for another time.

Now I know with simple flowers like daisies and orchids you can dye them to be just about any color. Around spring and Easter you will find bright explosions of pastels haunting every water bucket of gas stations and local markets everywhere. Blues, pinks, yellow and even greens (which makes very little sense to me…) will basically suffocate you coming and going.

But I have rarely seen a purple daisy.

Honestly if you think about it, daisies are a very ordinary flower. Basically a weed, some might say. An insignificant and regular kind of flower. Much like a single person picked at random from the world a daisy would not park any kind of inspiration of anything spectacular. Which is why I think in part that Gerber daises are so popular. They are just a bigger version of an ordinary thing. Just louder and more idolized than a typical daisy. Gerber daises are like the celebrities of the daisy market. Nothing more than a daisy all ramped up by hype to become somehow more desirable. But even with all the hype it is still just a daisy.

When I received those flower I set them down on the table in front of me and stared at them a while.


Somehow these soft purple “nothing special” flowers were the most captivating of the bunch.

Same familiar yellow center that crumbles with the slightest pressure. Same layered petals, soft to the touch. But somehow stunning in its bold simplicity.

That is when I made the statement out loud to an empty room: “I want to strive to be a purple daisy”.

To me a person who would classify as a purple daisy would otherwise fall into any or all of the following categories:

-child like
-odd one out

When I think of a purple daisy I think of my friend Hannah Leigh M.

At a first glance from across a crowded room she stands out. She could be sitting with a book, laughing at a joke, dancing, twirling singing….whatever. Hannah glows. She is a daisy in a field but sparkles in a miraculous purple.

Hannah is beautiful. She does not look like the cover of today’s typical Covergirl, but if I had a magazine for beautiful women, Hannah would have a 10 page spread every time and make the cover on a regular basis. Hannah has a style all her own from music to the color of her hair to the design of her shoes. She glows form the inside out even on her “sad” days. Her smile is more than contagious…it is an epidemic.

She amazes me with her creativity and confidence.

Now I am sure she has an insecurity of two. I mean, don’t we all? But I have never seen it on written on her face.

I aim to be like a purple daisy.

Sometimes in this field/garden known as Earth, we all try to make a difference for a second glance. The roses and lilies can have their ways all to themselves. The orchids and anemones can do what they may. But me? I would rather be a purple daisy.

As always,


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