My lovely BBE’s,

In preparation for moving into the new house with Christopher, I decided it was time to conquer the hoarding that has accumulated in the rooms that have not been in use since the previous owners resided there.

Who here has ever seen Hoarders?


If you have a weak stomach, I do not recommend it. Like, at all.

In all fairness, the rooms I cleaned were not as bad as that show. Not even close. It was more or less just….a lot of stuff piled/stacked/shoved all over the place.

These are the rooms I was cleaning:


It took about Found and a half hours of non-stop work. But I am proud to announce that all the cleaning and sorting is done. Next weekend we are caulking, spakling and painting the entire house. Each room and different variation of white. The only rooms with actual stand out colors are the master bath (grey with silver) and the red accent wall in the living room/dining room (red gumball).

Here is my finished cleaning product:


Who is proud of me?

Finished house pictures to come I promise.

As always,

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