A Letter To Teddy


My dearest Teddy,

It’s moments like this that I wish I could write songs because words in and of themselves seem so inadequate.

Honestly the details are still very fuzzy. But I know you were my saving grace these last few days. I remember a lot of moments being lost in thought and just staring into the distance. I remember sitting/laying/leaning and being completely zoned out. I’m guessing my timing was very unresponsive and it was basically like talking to a wall.

There was not a single moment that I can remember where you weren’t sitting next to me. Not a single moment where you weren’t kissing my forehead or holding me tight. Not a moment where you weren’t 100% there for me.

It is one thing to say you will be there for someone through the “worse” part of for better or worse. It is another thing entirely to actually execute that vow. Doing so makes it a committment instead of a contract. Being in a committed relationship is something harder than what is portrayed in rom-com movies. While there are more happy moments than trials, it is the trials that show how strong the relationship is.

I’m a very blessed woman to have a man like you. I only hope that I can make your day at least a fraction as bright as you make mine.

As always,


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