A Playlist of the Past


Lately I have been addicted to blogs on “The Date Report”. This report is basically if Cracked.com and an advice column conceived a love child. Now the article that really caught my eye was called “The 13 Songs That Immediately Take Me Back To Past Relationships” and is by the ever witty Alexandra Gekas. The link for it is below:


Music is always playing in my life. In my car, in the stores I go to, in the lobby of my job and in my ear buds blasting from my trusty MP3 player of 3 years (yeah, eff ipods!). So it is really no surprise that there are songs that have been branded with those memories much like Ms. Gekas’. I felt like in honor of today, I will post a list of songs that have also been branded in my life. I will also leave the guy part out of it, and if for some reason your are a past guy in my life reading the list….then I guess you’ll know if you made the cut or not. But to keep the mood light here are some songs for really good memories.

Good Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You – N*Sync : I had my first slow dance to this song. It was a 6th grade dance in the gym or our local YMCA. I remember I was wearing a jean skirt and a white shirt with silver buttons on it. My “perfume” was a mix of Love’s Baby Soft, and this gummy bear scented spray. It came in a red bottle and had sparkles in it. Jarrod Benson had been my guy friend for years. We played at the play ground and shared a dislike of chocolate milk. The music was all fast songs until the end. That is when I went outside of the gym and took my shoes off. I sat on the edge of the pool and put my feet in. After a few minutes a very nervous Jarrod came out and tapped me on the shoulder. “hey…umm…I know it is lame and stuff…but…would you like to dance..?” I giggled and stood up. Having no hips and no idea what I was doing I put my arms around his neck. That’s when the song started playing. I had my first dance of rocking back and forth and noticing Jarrod in a totally different way for the first time. It was perfect.

Do Ya- Jump 5: We were at Camp Warner for a Youth Group trip. We had just spent hours playing in the mud and sledding down the steep hills on saran wrapped cardboard into puddles when we were told to shower in our clothes in the hose. It was 6 girls and 6 guys. We all were basically there on a freshman level couples retreat. No drama, just fun. This song was blasting out of the camp speakers as we took turns blasting each other with the water. We sang and danced and made a huge mess. Mitch was crazy for me and had a thing for caramel apple suckers. We made mud balls and had a huge battle across the open field. I had dirt in places I never thought possible and I have never had a better time getting dirty.

All Star- Smash Mouth: I grew up living in a cul de sac. There were 8 houses in our little circle. Brooke’s house was the first house on the left and moving clockwise it went Brooke’s house, The Dejesus House, My house, Jenny’s House, Christopher’s house, David’s house, The Rasin’s house and Ryan & Doug’s house. I grew up playing gutter ball, midnight hide and seek, Mission of Death and “Dare Challenge . All of the girls were tom boy’s. They guys were awesome and way more fun then the snotty girls around the block. We spent whole days outside with nothing more than imaginations and sunshine to entertain us. I honestly cannot remember ever being bored. When Ryan was the first one of us to acquire a boom box, we all brought extension cords from our garages and hooked them together to get the boom box into the middle of the cul de sac. This song blasted as we roller bladed through an obstacle course we set up ourselves. I hit the rocky road knees first cracking my knee pad and I still have a scar on my right knee from the road rash.

Once A Year Day- From the musical “The Pajama Game”: In the middle of the premier of out high school musical came my 18th birthday. We had a masquerade ball in the gym of out Youth center. It turned into an over the top display of song and dance to the music of the production we were in. We had a blast with it. Everyone wore old prom outfits and we spend the night getting hammered on sugar and watching movies in a hotel room. Best 18th birthday ever!

Now here is the list of the other songs branded forever in the crevices of my mind:

Yours To Hold- Skillet

Kiss the Girl – The Stellar Kart version

If You Only Knew – Shinedown

You and Me -Life House

Replay – I-Yaz

Meet Virginia – Train

Face Down – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

First Date – Blink 182

Whenever, Wherever – Shakira

We Believe – Good Charolette

As always,


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